Meet The Cast!


Hello Adventurers!

A few months ago, a podcast that I am a huge fan of, The Glass Cannon Podcast, was holding a contest for some of their special bottlecaps. They wanted people to post pictures of their group, with Pathfinder books, and someone holding a d20. While we are a D&D fifth edition podcast, I actually cut my TTRPG teeth on Pathfinder and own quite a few of the books. The plush d20 was actually a gift from Chantalle to Caitlin and I’s son for Christmas.

I just now realized it is probably the only picture of the whole cast together so I decided to share it with you guys so you can put some names and faces together. I’m Damian, and I’m the DM, taking the picture. On the left is Christa in red and her boyfriend Chris. On the right is Chantalle in blue, and my fiancee Caitlin in the back.

I’m trying to remember to have us take more pictures, so hopefully you’ll see more of us in the future.

Welcome to our table!

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