DM Chat – Relaunch Update, Recap Changes, and Joining Instagram

This is a pretty short update because there hasn’t been a lot that has changed since the last update. Currently, we are looking at a relaunch date towards the end of September due to current scheduling, and having to learn how to edit an episode with the new recording style. Some changes have been made about how we will handle the recap of the first arc of the Mieveht Story. The recorded episodes are available on our Patreon for only $1 if you want to listen to the actual game play and get the full story, otherwise there will be a short episode that introduces the characters and gives only the important events on the first arc. We just finished up the first arc of the Erylian Epic, so we are currently in full relaunch mode to get the show ready to come back, new and improved. We have also joined up on Instagram. We will be trying to work on taking more pictures during our sessions to post on there, especially any particuarly funny shenanigans. Lastly, I am looking for some feedback on blog topics to write about over at You can email me at to tell me if you’d like me to write about my thoughts on D&D Beyond, my first renaissance faire experience, the first wave alpha launch of DungeonFog, or my World Builder’s Journey.