DM Chat – Behind The Screen And The End Of The Hiatus

I’ve got quite a bit of news for you today.

First off, I have decided to rebrand the DM Chat. Going forward, DM Chat will now be Behind The Screen. I chose to do this for a few reasons. The idea of this being a DM Chat doesn’t really fit the topic. There’s no back and for chat going on, and nothing I talk about is related to DM’ing. The DM Chat has always been a behind the scenes look at the Adventures in Erylia podcast for me to share news and announcements. So I have chosen to move to the play on words, Behind The Screen. I also made this change because I would like to be able to use DM Chat in the future for something that actually fits that name. There are no plans for this currently, but I want the option available.

My next bit of news is that we are now officially wrapped up on the campaign we had been playing. We are taking a weekend off to give me time to prep for the relaunch with Arc 2 of the Mieveht Story. We are planning to record our first episodes for that on the weekends of September 9th and 16th. This should give me time to edit in time for the big reveal.

The biggest piece of news for this whole hiatus is finally here. We have a date for the relaunch. We will be clearing the feed once again for our relaunch on September 30th, also known as International Podcast Day. Once I realized that the timelines would match up, I just had to push for us to be able to launch during the world wide celebration of podcasts. With the schedule we have set right now, we are planning to relaunch with, our new intro, the Mieveht night watch, and 2-3 episodes of the new arc.

If you missed it, check out my review and write up for D&D Beyond.

Thank you for bearing with us during this hiatus.

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