Finding A Rat’s Tail – Mieveht Story Ep 3

Brit reveals to the group that he does, in fact, have a contact in Mieveht’s Undercity. After their meal, he offers to take them to The Rat’s Tail, a small bar in The Commons, owned by a black Tabaxi named Shifty. He says that this will allow them to get into the Undercity to meet his contact and hopefully find their friend. But first, a quick pit stop at The Bank of Jeffery.

Map of The Rat's Tail

The Rat’s Tail

DamianThe DM

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The Path of the Goblin KingIncompetech (Intro)
On The Twilight StrandVindsvept (1:35)
MoorlandIncompetech (8:35)
Frozen in TimeVindsvept (18:30)
Medieval LibraryTabletop Audio (21:30)
Tempting SecretsIncompetech (30:15)
Overland with OxenTabletop Audio (36:55)
What Lies BeyondVindsvept (37:15)
Through the Woods We RanVindsvept (41:15)
For OriginzIncompetech (54:00)
Overland with OxenTabletop Audio (1:04:05)
Into the DepthsVindsvept (1:04:10)
Ossuary 6 – AirIncompetech (1:11:45)
Last StandVindsvept (Outro)

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