The Weird Wall – Mieveht Story Ep 7

Worn out from their fight with the many creatures and cretins of the Under City, the group decides to take a short rest. They look over some of the loot they’ve earned, discuss the things they’ve heard, and most importantly heal up. Left with many options after venturing to the next level, they decide to follow a trickle of water. That is, until they have a weird wall in front of them.

DamianThe DM
The Path of the Goblin KingIncompetech (Intro)
CatacombsAdrian von Ziegler (3:15)
Shadowlands 1 – HorizonIncompetech (5:45)
Accursed ExistenceAdrian von Ziegler (9:15)
Shadowlands 4 – BreathIncompetech (12:00)
Blackened RootsAdrian von Ziegler (16:00)
Forlorn HeartsAdrian von Ziegler (19:30)
Hor HorSerpent Sound Studios (22:30)
Quinn’s Song: First NightIncompetech (27:45)
Path to DarknessAdrian von Ziegler (32:30)
Shadowlands 5 – AntechamberIncompetech (36:55)
The DreadIncompetech (39:40)
As We MarchVindsvept (44:30)
Rynos ThemeIncompetech (48:50)
He Has EscapedVindsvept (1:24:25)
Curse Upon the LivingAdrian von Ziegler (1:27:30)
Unseen HorrorsIncompetech (1:29:40)
Wilt BeautyAdrian von Ziegler (1:33:40)
Haunted CorridorAdrian von Ziegler (1:37:15)
Spider EyesIncompetech (1:40:45)
A Cold PresenceAdrian von Ziegler (1:44:05)
Across AcheronAdrian von Ziegler (1:46:25)
Last StandVindsvept (Outro)

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Little bit of meta knowledge for those of you reading this far in the show notes. I’m not very happy with my sound work in this episode. It kinda fell in the same boat as the combat section that I scrapped in episode 5. The mood was the same for too long and finding new music to keep it constantly running is one of the reasons this episode took so long to finish. It was kind of grinding me down each time I got to the end of the music track and had to find something new. So with that said. Expect something different next episode. The editing of this show is going to be changing a lot until i get into a groove I am happy with consistently.

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