Sewer of Flying Daggers – Mieveht Story Ep 8

Our adventurers finally find Xanphia, chained to a wall in the sewers of Mieveht. While the rest of the party helps to free her, Sug listens in on a conversation from her captors. Knowing they are in no shape to confront the cult who had captured her, the party quickly flees from the sewers. But will their lack of previous exploration come back to bite them?

DamianThe DM
The Path of the Goblin KingIncompetech (Intro)
Death DanceAdrian von Ziegler (1:37)
SewersTabletop Audio (6:24)
Lost TimeIncompetech (8:07)
Sewers (cont.)Tabletop Audio (11:29)
Beyond the VeilAdrian von Ziegler (14:31)
Despair and TriumphIncompetech (22:41)
Lost FrontierIncompetech (27:29)
Syrinscape (Continues under next song)(31:30)
Haunted CorridorAdrian von Ziegler (32:12)
Sewers (cont)Tabletop Audio (35:43)
Satiate (Strings Only)Incompetech (37:22)
Sewers (cont.)Tabletop Audio (42:31)
Slay ThemJamie Brace (43:47)
At the Edge of the WorldVindsvept (1:00:21)
The Hidden ScrollAdrian von Ziegler (1:08:22)
Last StandVinsvept (outro)

Editor’s Note

I have been using a new audio editor for the last couple of episodes, Hindenburg Journalist. I have been using it on a trial that ends a few days after this episode is published. I have really enjoyed my time with it and feel I have learned a lot about it and plan to purchase it for use in the show once Christmas is out of the way. This episode is probably the one I am most proud of as far as sound design goes and I hope you all agree.

In lieu of the problems going on with Patreon at the moment, I am not going to be asking for support their this episode, as we may not be continuing to use the service if they follow through with their change next week. If you’d like to know more, you can read my rant about their changes in this blog post.

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