Skipping This Week – World Building Wednesday

Hey everyone stumbling across this. Just wanted to get a blurb out there that I will not be doing a World Building Wednesday post this weekend. For a couple reasons. First and foremost is that I have been spending a lot of the time that I would normally spend on this post, porting info over to World Anvil. I’ve gotten a lot of the structure in place that I need to start filling in information over there. If you want to poke around, here’s the link to Erylia on World Anvil. There’s still a lot of information I have typed up in this blog and in my world building OneNote that I need to add in, but I have enough of the ground work set that I can start populating some of the information fields. Aside from all of the work I have been doing there, I am also grinding away at getting things prepared for the next arc of the podcast. And lastly, I have been trying to get caught up on and make good with our Patreon content. I was really slacking while it was just the cast contributing, but we have fans supporting us now and I want to do right by them as well as make it worth promoting to others as well.

A couple things to highlight in World Anvil for those wanting a little bit of world information this Wednesday. I have added in what the player characters had written in our shared OneNote. Also, some tiny teasers for some of the NPCs that are featured in our upcoming campaign have been added as well.

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