A Change In Format – World Building Wednesday

When I originally set out with the weekly world building wednesdays, I had good intentions of using it to keep me working on world building. For a few reasons, I am coming to terms with needing to make a change in regards to that. It may have been noticed the last couple weeks I have missed the post, and I have been late on posts in the past too. The recent ones I have been missed have been a result of me actually being a part time student as part of my work apprenticeship and the class I am in has needed more attention to it lately than previously. Aside from this, there has never really been a good and consistent format when it came to these posts. Some of them were huge narrative pieces, some were small pieces about a specific item. Both are important, but not coming up with a good format made each week kind of a scramble to figure out how I wanted to get something out there.

I do not have any intentions to stop world building however. I may continue to do the larger world building posts that I have done previously on a rarer occasion, but I want to put more focus onto getting bits of things written down that don’t warrant a full blog post as well. If you are really curious about the work I am doing on Erylia, I strongly suggest following it on World Anvil. I’ve mentioned World Anvil many times recently because I truly do love the service. One huge thing is it is helping me with getting things organized and leaves me areas that I can go back and fill in as I am ready. There are even some things that have been added on World Anvil that can be teasers for things that haven’t come up anywhere else. Just today, I added a new category for another continent, Ail Saheyd.

As sad as I am to be letting this go in the form it has been previously, I need to have my main focus elsewhere, namely my apprenticeship through work, the actual podcast, and my home life.

Slight Delay On Erylian Epic Ep 1

Unfortunately I am going to be delayed a day or two on the first episode of The Erylian Epic. The nature of our first time recording in almost 2 months lead to a slightly more chaotic recording session. As a result of this, the audio from the first session is longer than our goal for episode lengths of 90 minutes. However, it wasn’t enough for 2 episodes of that length either. So, later this week, you will be getting  an extra long, 2 hour and 15 minute episode to kick off the new arc! I apologize for the delay, and if it was our standard episode length, it would be ready to go right now. 1 hour and 45 minutes of the episode is done and ready to go, but the next 30 minutes will take longer than I can give tonight.

Gourselks – World Building Wednesday

Ah. The mighty gourselk. You may have been wondering about them if you read the short story, Cassien’s Dishonor, a few weeks ago. Gourselks are a creature that I actually created on the fly for that story. The gourselk is a staple creature of the underdark and is largely docile. When I created it, the gourselk is essentially the cow of the drow.

So, what exactly is a gourselk? Well, a gourselk is a large creature, typically 3 to 4 feet tall, 6 to 8 feet long, and weighing between 800 and 1300 pounds as an adult. They are fairly slow moving creatures and resemble a sea cucumber. They live on a diet that mostly consists of mushrooms that grow naturally underground. Depending on the area, gourselks can also be used to combat problems with mildew and algae that forms in damper caverns. Unlike the cows that are inspiration for them, gourselks cannot be milked. Their main use for the drow is a food source. It doesn’t really resemble meat as we know it, but gourselks are “meaty”, though the texture would be closer to tofu.

I do not currently have a stat block for running a game with these creatures, but do intend to make them available through DNDBeyond. You can find homebrew material created by me by searching for the author Erylia_DM there.

Erylian Epic – Prologue

This episode introduces our upcoming campaign, the Erylian Epic. Like the Mieveht Story, there was an arc of the campaign that took place before we got our current audio set up and improved the quality of our audio. This episode will introduce you to the characters in the Erylian Epic, go over a brief play by play of the previous arcs events, and end with the nightwatch that we recorded after finishing the arc (with our new audio set up as well).

The character intro starts at 1:39.

The arc recap starts at 9:00.

The Nightwatch recording starts at 14:45.

The introduction music for the Erylian Epic is Fimbulwinter by Vindsvept.

The ambient audio in the Nightwatch segment is Woodland Campsite from Tabletop Audio.

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