A Change In Format – World Building Wednesday

When I originally set out with the weekly world building wednesdays, I had good intentions of using it to keep me working on world building. For a few reasons, I am coming to terms with needing to make a change in regards to that. It may have been noticed the last couple weeks I have missed the post, and I have been late on posts in the past too. The recent ones I have been missed have been a result of me actually being a part time student as part of my work apprenticeship and the class I am in has needed more attention to it lately than previously. Aside from this, there has never really been a good and consistent format when it came to these posts. Some of them were huge narrative pieces, some were small pieces about a specific item. Both are important, but not coming up with a good format made each week kind of a scramble to figure out how I wanted to get something out there.

I do not have any intentions to stop world building however. I may continue to do the larger world building posts that I have done previously on a rarer occasion, but I want to put more focus onto getting bits of things written down that don’t warrant a full blog post as well. If you are really curious about the work I am doing on Erylia, I strongly suggest following it on World Anvil. I’ve mentioned World Anvil many times recently because I truly do love the service. One huge thing is it is helping me with getting things organized and leaves me areas that I can go back and fill in as I am ready. There are even some things that have been added on World Anvil that can be teasers for things that haven’t come up anywhere else. Just today, I added a new category for another continent, Ail Saheyd.

As sad as I am to be letting this go in the form it has been previously, I need to have my main focus elsewhere, namely my apprenticeship through work, the actual podcast, and my home life.

Gourselks – World Building Wednesday

Ah. The mighty gourselk. You may have been wondering about them if you read the short story, Cassien’s Dishonor, a few weeks ago. Gourselks are a creature that I actually created on the fly for that story. The gourselk is a staple creature of the underdark and is largely docile. When I created it, the gourselk is essentially the cow of the drow.

So, what exactly is a gourselk? Well, a gourselk is a large creature, typically 3 to 4 feet tall, 6 to 8 feet long, and weighing between 800 and 1300 pounds as an adult. They are fairly slow moving creatures and resemble a sea cucumber. They live on a diet that mostly consists of mushrooms that grow naturally underground. Depending on the area, gourselks can also be used to combat problems with mildew and algae that forms in damper caverns. Unlike the cows that are inspiration for them, gourselks cannot be milked. Their main use for the drow is a food source. It doesn’t really resemble meat as we know it, but gourselks are “meaty”, though the texture would be closer to tofu.

I do not currently have a stat block for running a game with these creatures, but do intend to make them available through DNDBeyond. You can find homebrew material created by me by searching for the author Erylia_DM there.

Soul Thistle – World Building Wednesday

Due to the work I am doing right now to get ready for the Erylian Epic launch, catching up on Patreon content, and also being in a more taxing class this quarter, I will be doing some shorter World Building Wednesdays. This one is one I had already done most of the work for in my DM Journal. This week is another piece of botany I have worked on for Erylia, though unlike bloodthorn, this is one isn’t a drug with mechanics attached to it.

Soul Thistle is an herb that is primarily known to be used in a ritual for a potential warlock to reach out to a patron and try to form a pact. Soul Thistle on Syvahl is generally an herb that is exported from The Faevale, however the Fae do not often deal with outsiders on their own, and it is very difficult to get to The Faevale. Due to this, not many people are able to get their hands on Soul Thistle, and those that do are able to charge a premium for it. There are rumors that a few people have managed to grow Soul Thistle on their own, but those who have keep the supply scarce to keep its value up.

Soul Thistle is a small flower that sprouts from a fuzzy looking bulb on its stock. The flower itself grows silver and it is said to react to the magic around it, giving it a slight glow in highly magical areas. For Soul Thistle to grow into a useful form, it must feed off of magic and absorb it, this is why it grows so natively in The Faevale, few other places are as magical. This also means that those who wish to grow it themselves have to nurture it with magic of their own, draining them of the ability to use it in the process.

There is a very small window in which you can harvest Soul Thistle. After months of absorbing magic from its surroundings, the bulb will begin to open up, allowing the magic to flow into the flowers petals. The petals begin to grow brighter and brighter until a single flower could light a small room on its own. It is during this time that the petals must be plucked and prepared. Once plucked, the petals will slowly begin to fade, but the magic that was released into them remains and they will continue to glow softly. They must then be protected and dried, because once a petal is crushed, it begins to lose its potency and will quickly become useless. If a Soul Thistle bulb opens and the petals are not harvested before falling off, the magic within them will quickly fade and the petals will darken, rendering them useless.

I’d also like to remind all of my readers here that while I intend to keep up my weekly posts here, I will be adding all of this content, and more, to World Anvil, so make sure to follow us there!

World Anvil – World Building Wednesday

This week isn’t going to be a post that’s actually about the world of Erylia. Instead, this post will be more for other world builders that don’t already know about this tool. As the Dungeon Master for Adventures in Erylia, I have come to absolutely love online tools to help make my work easier, more organized, and most importantly, digital. We have adopted Dungeon Fog for making battle maps, D&D Beyond for character management, and now I am testing out one for world building.

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Ny’Vae’Rehl and the Nailo Family – World Building Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to get to this post for a long time. Ever since the plot line of the Mieveht Story had its course set. With this week’s episode, An Emotional Encounter, I can finally post about the Nailo Family and their history without it skewing the story. I’m also doing something for the first time this Wednesday. Cassien’s history will be told through a narrative story instead of the more technical tone these posts have taken so far.

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The Week of Excuses, Expanded – World Building Wednesday

A few weeks ago, I was falling behind on things. It started with being behind on editing an episode, and that followed to not having anything written for World Building Wednesday. From that, The Week of Excuses was born. It was originally a pretty tongue in cheek statement to explain not having content on time, but I decided to run with it. At the end, I said that when I got to the calendar building portion of things, The Week of Excuses was totally going to be a thing.

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Early Stages of The Calendar – World Building Wednesday

I made a calendar for Erylia pretty much back when I started working on it. It’s not very good and I never really did anything with it once I had the base started. I decided that it is time to start working on it. Not only because I want to start thinking up holidays and festivals (and the week of excuses), but the cycle of time should be important to the story as well. Continue reading

Syvahl, Erylia’s First Land – World Building Wednesday

So far, world building Wednesday has been pretty all over the place. Today, continues that trend! I’ve been trying to tackle things in what I feel was their most important order. In Dungeons & Dragons, the gods are tied to so much, so they needed to be introduced early, in case they played a part in future posts. Characters dying is a very real possibility, so my unique take on how death would work needed to be explained before it happened. Mieveht is the city that is home to the first arc, so I needed to get some of its scale and interconnectivity laid out.

It’s time to zoom out even further. To open up a little bit of room to ask question about the world of Erylia, and to allow some focused questions on different areas, this world building Wednesday is about the continent of Syvahl. Syvahl is the first continent I worked on, and is the most fleshed out of all of the lands. I have vague ideas and drawings for some of the other continents of Erylia, but none as worked on as Syvahl. There is a lot of content to overview here, so the goal is to only give a brief description for each area. One important note, in the current state of Erylia, the main continents do not know of each other. If you’d like to know more about anywhere specific or any cultures, please email us at feedback@adventuresinerylia.com. I’d love to have some focused direction for these posts.

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