The Grand City of Mieveht – World Building Wednesday

I’ve written about Mieveht previously, way back in August. I think it was one of the first things I did after making the website. Back then, I was going to do “lore” blog posts every once in a while, but I never followed through. With this new thing that I have actually be doing weekly, and with the current campaign taking place there, I want to revisit Mieveht. If you ready to early lore post, don’t worry, there is new information here. In fact, I am kind of glad I have already written about Mieveht once, because this gives another opportunity to show how things have changed over time. Originally, this post was going to include a city overview, followed by a break down of all of the districts. However, I got a little carried away when writing some of it’s history and that shifted this post focus.

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Fleshing Out Erylia’s Gods – World Building Wednesday

This is a long one guys, so get ready for a read. Though before I delve into each of the gods and some of their individual lore, I wanted to state that like with my original attempt at The Daghdha, some of this may change over time. Also, there are quite a few topics left open after covering the gods that I want to get to later. Namely, more about the realm of Caelistra aside from the gods, but also building up lore and stats for each of their weapons. However, before getting to those, my plan for next week is more about the grand city of Mieveht. With that out of the way, enjoy the read, and if there are any questions, please ask.

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Not Happy With Last Week – World Building Wednesday

This week isn’t going to be what you expected. For a few reasons. The first, is some hectic scheduling due to work responsibilities. I’m currently typing this on my phone and haven’t had time to get something written between editing next week’s episode and an increased workload leading into the holidays. The second, and truthfully why I didn’t take a break from editing to work on this week’s world building Wednesday, is I’m not happy with how it turned out.

The original intent of these posts was to not only get me to flesh out parts of my world that needed it, and highlight areas that I’m lacking in, but also to show the viewers my thought process as it happens. I feel like I accomplished this in the one about death pretty well. You got to see the spell I originally had, and you got to see what u updated it to. And most of the lore and text there, was written as I was working on the spell and writing that post. I had vague ideas but nothing was written aside from the v1 of that spell. The world building there is you seeing what happened when I sat down and wrote what was in my head. Continue reading

Erylia’s Take on Death and Resurrection – World Building Wednesday

Death – An Inevitability

Death is an unfortunate risk to most adventurers. However, in most Dungeons and Dragons settings, death is something that can be undone at the wave of a hand. When it came to building Erylia, I knew that I wanted death to be something that had meaning and made an impact. I wanted death to mean more than losing a few hundred, or a few thousand, gold. To do this, some changes had to be made to the spells that handle bringing people back.

For this World Building Wednesday, I’ll introduce some of the lore behind how resurrection works in the world, as well as the way I have changed the spell, Revivify. I haven’t gone to the higher level spells yet because none of my players even have Revivify yet, but they will follow the same themes. Continue reading

The God’s on Erylia – World Building Wednesday

Initially, I wanted to make my first World Building Wednesday post be about death and resurrection in the world of Erylia. However, while thinking about that, I realized that an important stepping stone for that discussion is the gods.

Why These Gods?

Erylia is a little on the lower end of high fantasy. The gods aren’t beings that are known to walk among mortals. To some, they aren’t even believed to exist at all. However, those who are of divine faith, do believe in a number of gods, and pray to them for various reasons. For the setting, I chose to go with the Gaelic pantheon provided in the D&D books. Without getting too far into it, two main factors went into the decision to use the Gaelic pantheon over the standard D&D pantheons.

Years ago, as a teenager, I discovered a large multi-game MMO Community. I joined them and gamed with them heavily for quite a few years until life made it hard to play MMOs like I used to. They are The Gaiscioch. Though I don’t play with them regularly anymore, I went through a lot with them in my formative years. After joining The Gaiscioch, I came across a band with a sound I had never heard before. I grew up a metal head, and still am. One day, I stumbled upon Eluveitie, a folk metal band known for singing in Gaelic.

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