Featured Podcasts

We aren’t just podcasters here at Adventures in Erylia. In fact, the cast listens to quite a few podcasts ourselves and we think it would be great if you checked them out as well. We’d love any recommendations for other shows to check out. You can email us at adventuresinerylia@gmail.com or click the feedback link at the top of the page.

Actual Plays

Dungeons and Randomness – Dungeons and Randomness is a huge actual play “network”. They have over 200 episodes out, and just recently began their second arc, while also switching from 4th edition to 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Through Arc 1, Jason, the DM, was running 4 separate groups through a story set in his hand crafted world, Theria. In Arc 2, we are following 3 groups, in a Theria that takes place a few years into the aftermath of Arc 1. Jason was a huge inspiration for me to begin working on Erylia, and my love for the show is what got me to start a podcast of my own.

The Glass Cannon Podcast – The GCP is a Pathfinder based actual play, that is running the adventure path, Giant Slayer. They are now the official Pathfinder Podcast, recognized by Paizo, Inc. These guys have an amazing chemistry together, and I am glad to see them succeeding as well as they are now. I recently got the opportunity to meet Troy, the DM, while he was near my home city and it was an amazing experience. I hope to one day have the kind of fan base that they do and be able to do meet up events similar to what they’ve had going on recently.

Four Orbs – I am happy to have finally caught up on another podcast and be able to add it to this page! Once I finished getting caught up on The Audacity to Podcast, it was time for me to find some new shows to listen to. I added quite a few and Four Orbs is the first one I decided to stick with. They are a newer podcast without the same backlog D&R or the GCP has. Four Orbs is another D&D Podcast set in a homebrew world with some interesting mechanics added in. Dave, the DM, does a great job of introducing new story arcs with guest players in short introduction arcs.

Gaming Related Podcasts

Inter-party Conflict – Inter-party Conflict is a roleplaying game themed question and answer podcast. They source questions from their community, then both of the co-hosts discuss it and try to come up with some sort of answer for it. They also do a segment called The Dragon’s Hoard where they share and discuss community submitted magical items. I actually started listening to these guys after connecting with one of the hosts on Reddit.

Fear the Boot– FtB has only just recently started doing an actual ply, which is on it’s own feed, but they are one of my longest listened to podcasts. They’ve been around almost since the beginning of podcast and have nearly 600 episodes in their feed! They are more of a talk radio type podcast, with a focus on tabletop and roleplaying games.

Other Podcasts

Better Podcasting – Better Podcasting is the first podcast I started listening to after starting Adventures in Erylia. Honestly, I wish I had known about them and started listening to them sooner. Listening to them, and talking with Stephen and SP on Twitter and Reddit was a lot of the inspiration behind the decision to buy better gear and ultimately relaunch AinE.

The Audacity to Podcast – I’ve only just recently begun to listen to The Audacity to Podcast. I was drawn to it for a few reasons. First, I got caught up with Better Podcasting and wanted to continue expanding my knowledge of podcasting. Also, Daniel J Lewis goes over a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to using Audacity, which is the software that I use for editing. Lastly, Daniel is a very well known and well respected member of the podcasting community, and I recognized his name even before I started listening to his podcast.

Good Morning Theria – GMT is a spin-off show from Dungeons and Randomness. Jason and his co-host Bri talk about things that are going on in their lives, things that are going on in nerd culture, and read and respond to their listener emails.