Homebrew Rules

As with many tables, ours features some tweaked and homebrewed rules. Here’s a list in case you are wondering about them. If you notice we do something different from the book, please email us so it can be added to the list or corrected depending on our intentions. These are subject to change at any time when we realize they are too broken and causing issues.

  • Coup de grâce – I couldn’t find a rule for coup de grace in the players handbook, so I came up with one on the fly. A coup de grace is an automatic critcal. The target makes a fortitude save against the damage, and on a fail is killed instantly.
  • Grappled (Condition) – For us, grappling someone gives people advantage on attacks against them. It just didn’t make sense that someone who is grappled is held still enough that they can’t run away, but it isn’t any easier to hit them.