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If you like what we are doing and would like to help us grow, it would be great if you would consider contributing to our Patreon. If you are unfamiliar with Patreon, it is a way for fans to support content creators. The way we have ours set up is that every month, you will automatically donate your chosen amount to help us cover expenses and work towards improving the show. In return, we offer some bonus perks for helping support us and what we do. To be clear, we have no intention of gating off any story content since the September 2017 relaunch behind the Patreon paywall. It is purely meant as bonus content.

Our Top Supporters

Those Patrons who give $5 a month will have a special spot here on the website.

Jeff and Gabe

Our Patreon Rewards

Below are the tiers we have on Patreon, as well as a little bit of explanation.

 The Lost Episodes – $1

  • Access to the archived episodes of Adventures in Erylia before we changed our recording set up.
  • Access to out takes from recent episodes.
  • Hi-Res downloads of maps from the show for use in your own games.

Adventures in Erylia as a podcast started in January of 2017. We started with a Blue Yeti in the middle of the table recording everything. The Yeti is a great mic, but not for that, and the audio quality was terrible. However, we were still playing and we still recorded with it until getting all new equipment at the beginning of summer. With the relaunch in September 2017, we took those old episodes down. For those interested in hearing the story from the very beginning, and can put up with the quality, we offer them on Patreon. We also offer access to some out takes and behind the scenes. These are things that are, for various reasons, cut from the posted episodes. Also, as the Dungeon Fog map making tool continues to grow, I will be posting High-Res, gridded, maps on Patreon as well. You will be able to see lower res, un-gridded maps in the show notes for episodes that have them.

The Adventurer’s Lounge – $5

  • An invite to the official Adventures in Erylia Discord Server where you can chat with the cast and join in when we game together.
  • Occasional invites to larger community games.
  • Also includes any lower tier rewards.

The cast has a Discord server set up for us all to chat and keep in touch with each other in between game sessions. We also use it on nights where we aren’t available for in person gaming, but can do some online gaming. Supporting at this tier gets you an invite to our Discord server where you can chat with other fans of the show, as well as us. Depending on what we are doing, we can even hop into voice chat from time to time. Also, depending on what game we are playing, we may open up invites to members of the Discord as well. An invite to any of our MMO guilds is also included.

Public Expressions of Gratitude – $10

  • Your name featured as a Patron Credit on the A in E website.
  • You’ll be thanked by name in an episode of Adventures in Erylia.
  • Also includes any lower tier rewards.

This tier is for the fan that just wants to give a little bit extra. Even though we have nothing extra to offer for the extra money, the least we can do is shout out a thank you from the rooftops. You will be given a public thank you by a cast member in at least one episode of the show. Also, your name will be added to the list above, as a permanent way of saying thank you.

Our Goals

Running this show isn’t free, but the show will be free to listeners for as long as we are around. The show itself has operating costs in our media host and our web host. PodBean and SiteGround are what keep this show and website on the web. About $25 a month allows us to break even on just these costs. On top of that, there are things we want to do to improve the show. We’d love to do things like get new microphones, get a better mixer/recorder, and buy some software to help in production. Eventually, we also want to start commissioning artists to create pieces for the show. I’m not really an artist but I have visions for what the continent and world maps look like, and I’d really love to pay someone to create them. We would also like to have official art created for important characters and locations, and maybe even some music. Ultimately, we’d love to see this show grow into something that helps support all of us financially, and not have to work so much overtime.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who supports us and the things we do.