Whispering Winds – Erylian Epic Ep 2

In which…

The group meets up with the guild masters to inform them of their party member leaving, check up on their research, and get things set for them to leave. As they get ready to embark on the following day, Ariel finds herself with a strange vistor, while Kenina has a rough night of sleep. In the morning, Kenina discovers a wonderful beverage and they set off to find the Whispering Winds, the ship that the guild paid for their journey on. They familiarize themselves with a few members of the crew and try to stay out of the way until a tall tabaxi female takes the helm and the ship pulls away from Riven.

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Damian The DM
Chris Rem
Christa Ariel
Chantalle Kenina

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Title Artist
Fimbulwinter Vindsvept (Intro)
Medieval Library Tabletop Audio (6:09)
Passage Scott Buckley (8:37)
The Hidden Scroll Adrian von Ziegler (10:35)
Desperation Scott Buckley (12:09)
Ignition SerpentSound Studios (16:35)
Whispering Oaks Derek & Brandon Fiechter (17:19)
Disquiet Incompetech (20:51)
Season Unending Vindsvept (26:49)
Phoenix Scott Buckley (30:32)
Rise Again SerpentSound Studios (31:49)
Sleeping Dragon Tabletop Audio (33:55)
Middle Earth: Dawn Tabletop Audio (36:25)
Syrinscape (44:19)
Expeditionary Incompetech (47:18)
Voice of the Sirens Derek & Brandon Fiechter (52:19)
Docks District Tabletop Audio (53:10)
Voice of the Sirens (cont.) Derek & Brandon (1:01:44)
Syrinscape (1:02:59)
Swashbuckling Pirates Derek & Brandon Fietcher (1:07:34)
On the Shore Incompetech (1:08:07)
Hoist up the Sails Derek & Brandon Fiechter (1:10:15)
Last Stand Vindsvept (Outro)

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